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21 + 22 Aug.2010, International Dogshow Mechelen, BelgiŽ
Championsclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB, BOB, BOG, BIS 5 !
Breed Judge: Mrs. P.Pedercine ( I ), Group Judge: Mr. J.J.Dupas ( Fr )
BIS Judge: Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira


Welcome Ginny!!
Singing In The Rain Civitas Tergesti
Thank you, Paola en Alexandro for this beautiful little girl!


June 25th, World Dog Show, Denmark

Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack, Winner Openclass! ( 24 entry's )
Rocky's son, Fallow From Elly's Pack, Winner Intermidiateclass! ( 8 entry's )
Congratulations Nataliya!
Imagine Me Ike From Elly's Pack, 4th Championclass!  ( 17 entry's )

Rocky Winner Openklas   ( foto Tjeerd Langhout )

Rocky, Vegas ( Fallow From Elly's Pack) and Ike
Thank you Henrik for the pictures!

Impression Clubshow Engesvang
Judge: Diane Brown ( GB )

Arno with Ike

Ike and Rocky

Typical Sheri!

Sheri wins the Youth CAC

Rocky and his son Vegas

Tjeerd, Thank you for the pictures!


Beagle of the Year 2009:
Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack
Beagelee Finnish Spirit x Izabelle From Elly's Pack

Res. Beagle of the Year 2009:
Haylie van de Mansveldhoeve
Summer Treasure From Elly's Pack x Delia van de Mansveldhoeve

80th International Dogshow Luxembourg, March 28th 2010
Judge: Mr. Luis Catalan ( Portugal )
Sheri : VB Best Pup
Bleubelle : Youthclass 2 Exc.
Sydney : Championsclass 1 Exc., CAC+ CACIB, LUXEMBOURGS CHAMPION!!
Rocky: Championsclass 1 Exc., CAC+ CACIB, BOB +

Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack ( Rocky )
No.1 Topdog of the Year 2009!! All Breeds
Judge Group 6 Mrs.W.Lochs-Romans
BIS Judge Mr. D.Rutten
Thanks to everybody who made this possible!

: Hannie Warendorf


Jan.30-31th 2010 International Dogshow, Moeskroen, BelgiŽ
Judge: Mr. M.S.Seymour ( Aust. )

Sheri From Elly's Pack , Best Pup and 4th Best Pup in Show
Djeanguel, CAC + CACIB , BOS
Groupjudge: Mrs. M. van Brempt ( B )


Sheri From Elly's Pack, 6 maanden

Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack: No.1 Beagle of the Year 2009 in The Netherlands!!

From Dec. 9th till  Dec. 15th 2009, I went with Gwen and her beautiful dog Cappuccino
to Long Beach, California.
Gwen was invited to take part at the Eukanuba World Callenge.
A wonderful experience, 41 topdogs from 41 different country's.
Thank you, Gwen, for the wonderful days we spend together!!

 click for pictures of Long Beach

 Nov. 29th 2009 Winner Show Amsterdam
Judge: Mr. O.Germundsson ( SE )
Anna Belle From Elly's Pack wins on her first show:
Jeugd Winster 2009!! + Crufts qualified

Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack: Openklas 1Exc., CAC + CACIB, BOB + BOG!!
Winner 2009!!  Crufts qualified
With thanks to the group judge: Mr. J. Schepers  ( N )


Okt. 16th 2009 Bundessieger Ausstellung, Dortmund
76 Beagles
Rocky: BOB Bundessieger + Djeanguel BOS Bundesjugendsiegerin 2009!!
Judge: Mr. Hans W. MŁller ( CH )


A little movie of Djeanguel

 National Show Bratislava, Okt. 10th 2009

Rocky: Openclass 1 Exc. , BOB, BOG  Judge: Mr. Joey Lim ( AUS )
Groupjudge: Mr. Jerusalimsky Evgeny ( RUS )
Sydney: Openclass Exc.
Bleubelle: Puppyclass 2 VP

photo's Tjeerd Langhout

World Dog Show Bratislava, Okt. 9th2009

Rocky: Openclass Exc.  Judge: Mr. R. Podesta  ( CHL )
Sydney: Intermediateclass Exc. Judge: Mrs. S. Jarmer  ( A )
Bluebelle: Puppyclass 1 Exc., Best Puppy bitch + Best Puppy of the breed  Judge: Mrs. M.Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska
Fallow From Elly's Pack: Puppyclass 1 Exc., Best Puppy male ( Owner:  Nataliya Furtak )

photo: Tjeerd Langhout         

       photo's Nataliya Furtak                     

September 26th 2009 International Dogshow Maastricht:

Rocky: Openclass 1 Exc., CAC + CACIB, BOS, BOB and second in Group 6
( Judge: Mr. R.Doedijns and Mr. T.Viets )
Djeanguel: Jeugdklasse 1Exc, Youth CAC and R CAC
Bluebelle: On her first show, Puppyclass 1 VP en
Beste Pup in Show!!!!
(Judge: Mr. D.Baars )


May 3th 2009, VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung, Dortmund 2009
85 Beagles
Judge: Mrs. Karin Sonntag ( D )
Ike: Res. Best Male, R CAC + R CACIB
Sydney: Best Bitch, CAC + CACIB, BOB!!
VDH-Europasieger 2009!!

Leeuwarden, April 13th 2009, Judge: Mrs. M. Spavin ( GB )
Bournehouse Such A Suprise ( Cooper ) : Dutch Youth Champion !!!

March 15 th 2009, Internationele Dogshow, Leiden
 Rocky Best Male, BOB, BOG2 and Becky ( Bleu Bay From Elly's Pack ) Best Bitch!
Judge: Mrs. E.Chwalibog ( P )

Photo: Tjeerd Langhout

 March 5-8th 2009, Birmingham, GB
240 Beagles
Judge: Mrs. L.P.Hawley ( GB )

Imagine Me Ike From Elly's Pack( Ike ), Openclass 1 Exc., CAC, Best Male!!!!
Sydney From Elly's Pack, Yearling bitch 3

                 BOB                                          BOS                                    Best Puppy                

klik op foto voor vergroting
Photo's Caroline Brans. Thank you Carolien!

   click here for a movie from Ike


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