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 Ch. Snugglewood's Zaffiro


Dutch Champion
Belgian Winster 2004
R.Best Beagle of the year 2004
Youthwinster 2003,Winster 2003,2004 and 2005
Bundessiegerin 2005
16x CAC
Qualified for Crufts

Gelsenkirchen, June 5th 2003, Beagle Club Deutschland.
Judge:Mr.Siegfried Peter (D.)
Puppyclass: 1 Very Promising

Maastricht, September 27th 2003,
Judge: Mr.M.Hughes Halls (GB)
Youthclass: 2 Exc. R CAC

Zwolle, October 12th 2003,
Judge:Mr.F.Kane (GB)
Youthclass: 1 Exc. R CAC

Dortmund, October 17th 2003,
Judge: Mrs. B.Gothen
Youthclass: 2 Exc. R CAC

Bleiswijk, November 2th 2003
Judge: Mr.J.Sloot, Youthclass: 1  Exc. CAC

Amsterdam Winner,  December 12th 2003
Judge: Mrs. N.Horsten-Ceustermans.
Youthclass: 1 Exc. CAC - CACIB 
Jeugdwinster en Winster 2003
Qualifying for Crufts!

Wijchen, Christmas Show  December 22th 2003
Judge: Mr.H.Boelaars.
Youthclass: 1 Exc. CAC

Eindhoven, January 30th 2004
Judge: Mr.T.Creamer (Irl.).
Youthclass: 1 Exc.  CAC

Leiden, KC Rijnland  Maart 20th 2004
Judge: Mr.J.J.Walsh
Young dogclass: 1 Exc. CAC - CACIB

Kampioensclubmatch Beagle Club Nederland
Judge: Mr.Walden (GB)
Youthclass:  2 Exc.

Goes, April 24th 2004
 Judge: Mrs.Marit Sunde (Nor)
Openclass: 1 Exc. CAC - CACIB

Arnhem,  May 30th 2004
Judge: Mr.J.Hiddes
Youthclass: 1 Exc. CAC - CACIB

Hulten, June 30th 2004
Judge: Mrs. G.J.J. van Gellicum
Young dogclass: 2 Exc. R CAC + CACIB

VSS Jels, Denemarken,  July 16th 2004
Judge: Mrs. Brita Birkel-Meier (CH)
Young dogclass: 1 Exc.  CK Champ.


Vss Jels, Denemarken,  July 17th 2004
175 entries
Judge: Mr. Karl P. Reisinger (O)
Young dogclass: 1 Exc. , CAC   3th best bitch in Show!

Leuven (B),  August 8th  2004
Judge: Mr.L.Erdos (H)
Openclass: 2 Exc. R CAC

Rotterdam,  August 29th 2004
Judge: Mr.J.G.A.Boelaars
Young dogclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB

Dortmund, Bundessiegerzuchtschau  Okt. 15-17th 2004
Judge: Mrs .Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (D)
Young dogclass: 1 Exc. R.CAC +IB   VDH Champ.

Amsterdam, Winner 2004, november 28th 2004
Judge: Mr. J.Sloot
Openclass: 1 Exc.  CAC + CACIB.
Winster 2004!
Qualifying for Crufts

Brussel,  dec. 12th 2004
Judge: Mr. B. Seibel ( D )
Openclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB.
Belgian Winster!
Qualifying for Crufts

Eindhoven,  jan. 29th 2005
Judge: Mrs. M.v. Brempt (B)
Openclass: 1 Exc.  CAC + CACIB 
Dutch Champion.

Kampioenschapsclubmatch, Beagle Club Nederland.De Bilt,  Maart 20th 2005
Judge: Mr.D.B.Hall
1 Exc. R CAC. Res.Best Bitch ( after Kyra )

Brondby,Denemarken  September 17th 2005
Judge: Mr.Laszlo Erdos ( Hu )
Openclass: 1 Exc.  CK Champ. 3th best bitch

Gundsolille, Denmark, September 18th 2005
Judge: Mrs. V.Bradley ( GB )
Openclass: 1 Exc.  CK Champ.

Dortmund, Oktober 15th 2005
Judge: Mr. Petr Dvorak ( CZ )
Championsclass: 1 Exc., Best bitch , CAC + CACIB, 
BOB VDH Kamp. Bundessiegerin 2005 !
Qualifying for Crufts

Bleiswijk, Nov. 6th 2005
Judge: Mrs. L.K.M. Erhart
Championsclass: 2 Exc.

Zwolle, november 20th 2005
Judge: Mr. T.Viets
Championsclass: 1 Exc.  R CAC

Amsterdam Winner Show, dec.4th 2005
Judge: Mr. O.Staunskjaer ( DK )
Championsclass: 1 Exc. CAC  CACIB  Best bitch  BOB  
Winster 2005!
Qualifying for Crufts
Zaffiro wins the Winster titel for the 3th time! 2003,2004 and 2005.

Kampioenschapsclubmatch Beagle Club Nederland, De Bilt march 26th
Judge: Mrs. D. Ashmore
Championsclass: 1 Exc.

Lingen/Ems, Duitsland, april 23th 2006
Judge: Mrs. H. Assenmacher-Feyel ( D )
Championsclass: 1 Exc. Best bitch  CAC + CACIB  VDH Champ.


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