Building Bridges From Elly's Pack "Bono"

About Bono

Bono was born during the 2015 song festival. The slogan in Vienna was Building Bridges. The choice for pedigreenames was made…

Bono clearly has the character of his father Ike. Ike, unfortunately no longer alive himself, but he lives a little further in Bono. Bono is very affectionate, social and super sweet for children and adults.
In the pack he stands his ground, in the house, you can’t have a more sweeter and easy going dog.
Going to the exhibition with Bono, that doesn’t make him happy, going to the forest with him to do mantrail, that’s what he likes!
Totalloss but satisfied we go back home.


MLS Clear by parentage

HD result: B 2




Groningen Winner 2017

IDS Bleiswijk 5-11-2017
Best male, CAC + CACIB and DUTCH CHAMPION !!! Sam Res. Best Male !!
Judge: Mr. Kjell Lindström ( SE )

International Dogshow Goes, April 16th 2017
Judge: Mr. P. Sanders ( N )
Openclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB, BOB !!

International Dogshow Groningen 05-03-2017
Judge: Mr. J. Sloot ( N )
Openclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB, BOB !!

Thank you Kathy Verlooy for handling Bono at IDS Eindhoven!

Picture below: Mendy ( Bono’s mother ) BOS, Bono BOB and Bono’s son Best Baby!!

International Dogshow Eindhoven 04-02-2017
Judge: Mr. R. Smits ( N )
Intermediateclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB + BOB !!

A great start of the new year at the Dogshow Genk, Belgium 07-01-2017
Judge Mr. John Wauben ( N )
Intermediateclass: 1 Exc. CAC, BOB and BIG !!!

Amsterdam Winnershow 11-12-2016
Judge: Mr. Rudy Feyaerts ( B )
Bono Intermediateclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB, BOS, WINNER’16 !!
Sam Championsclass Res. CAC + Res.CACIB, Res. Best male ( proud )

International Dogshow Bleiswijk 06-11-2016
Judge: Mrs. Anette Edlander ( Sweden ) and Groupjudge Mr. R. Doedijns ( N )
Intermediateclass: 1 Exc. CAC + CACIB, BOB + BIG 2 !!

Clubshow KC Venray 30-10-2016
Judge: Mr. P. Sanders ( N )
Intermediateclass: BOB + BIG !

Champion Clubshow BCN 18-09-2016
Judge: Mrs. S. Weber-Martegani ( S )
Youthclass: 1 Exc. DUTCH YOUTHCHAMPION !!

Beagleclubshow Steinhagen, Landesgruppe Westfalen, Deutschland, Aug.14th 2016
Bono won BIS!! with an entry of 74 beagles!!
Youthclass: 1 Exc, Best Youthdog, Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH, BOB
Huge thanks to judge: Mrs. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena from Belgium!

Houndshow, Stafford, England, August 6th 2016
Judge: Mr. Frank Borg ( Malta )
Class: Yearling Dog, 1 Excellent

Hound-Show in Schöningen, July 2th 2016
Beagles entered: 42 Judge: Mr. Eddie Patterson from Ireland
Youthclass 1 Exc. J CAC + Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH

International Dogshow Tiburg, June 5th 2016
Judge: Mrs. G. Halff-van Boven ( N )
Youthclass: 1 Exc.

International Dogshow Groningen, 05-03-2016
Judge: Mrs. B. Gothen ( Dk )
Youthclass: 1 Exc. R CAC Best Youthdog.

Championclubshow Beagle Club Nederland, Sept.6th 2015
Judge: Mr. R. Lindholm ( S )
Babyclass: 1 VP Best Baby in Show !!