Blame The Moon From Elly's Pack "Bootz"

About Bootz

Bootz is born on july 18th 2017 .  The father from Boots lives in Poland. I saw this dog several times on shows abroad and was very impressed by him.

After my trip with Steffie to Poland, she was pregnant and when the litter was born Bootz ( and sister Pixie ) stayed at home.

Bootz is always happy! He has such a super character, that tail always waggles, even at the vet!

I did not show Boots very often, with his 36 cm height, a bit small for the Dutch show ring. I am very happy with him and I hope he passes on his great character to his descendants!

Bootz is available as a stud for suitable bitches.



MLS Clear by parentage




Beagleclubshow Nederland
Keurmeester: S. Jepson ( GB )
Jeugdklas: Uitmuntend 3

Jachthondenshow Arnhem 27 mei 2018
Keurmeester: Dhr. T. Viets
Jeugdklas: 1 Uitmuntend Jeugd CAC

Internationale Hondententoonstelling Anrhem, 20 mei 2018
Keurmeester: Dhr. R. Feyaerts ( B )
Jeugdklas: 2 Uitmuntend

Internationale hondententoonstelling Eindhoven, 3 febr. 2018
Keurmeester: Hr. Wim Wellens ( N )
Puppyklas: 1 Veelbelovend, BESTE PUP , BIS PUP 2 !!
Groepskeurmeester: Mevr. L. de Ridder ( B )